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Different types of links and how it helps

Here we see the different types of links and how it helps. Links are most important in Search engine optimization (SEO). Links help to build the network, which will give the structure of the internet. Using the links the website can improve in the ranking.

Internal link

Internal links are hyperlinks also known as inbound links. Moreover, the user can link the related web page through the text. Internal links help to go one page to another page of the same website. Internal links of the web page will engage the user on your web site for a long time. So the user duration time belongs to your website which will help in ranking factors.

For example, on a large website by giving internal links the user can move to the related topics instead of searching.

different types of links

External link

External links are used to link another web page all over the internet. Quality of the external link gives the trust of your website. Use to link valuable and highly ranked websites.

External links called outbound links. If you link another website, that website will see you are linking to them. So the others will give back by linking to your site in their content. Before linking to another website check value of the complete website, not only the Titles.

In summary, internal links are directly used in SEO ranking factor but external links indirectly help. Try to give less external links.


Backlinks are used to find which website is mostly referenced. A link from an external website is called backlink (incoming links from another website). Backlinks are more valuable in SEO. If many websites link the same web page or website then the search engine can decide the content is worth it. A quality and more backlinks will improve your ranking factor.

Do-follow link and No-follow link

A do-follow link is a link passing SEO juice. It passes authority to the linked websites from other websites. The crawler counts these links as points(vote). The Go0gle created the PageRank to calculate these points, Based on this the search engine will boost your website ranking in SERP.

A no-follow link doesn’t pass the authority by giving tag in the HTML code. It tells the search engine does not follow the link and doesn’t count as points. A no-follow link doesn’t help to boost your website ranking.

How to implement a do-follow link and no follow link?

A do-follow link has HTML code like this

<a href=”https://www.domain.com/”>Filename</a>

It doesn’t need any special attribute to the link.

A no-follow link can be implemented by adding a tag in HTML code

<a href=”https://www.domain.com” rel=”nofollow”>Filename</a>

How link building helps to rank a website?

Link building is the process of getting links from others to your own website. The search engine crawler use links to crawl the entire website.

The search use links in two ways

  • To find the new web pages
  • To decide how well the web page should be in the ranking.

Once your web pages are crawled by the search engine using links, it stores in the index. Based on this process they will decide the quality of the content and related keywords and to be ranked. During this, the search engine not only follows content and also follow links referred to external website and content of the external website. So if all the links and content should be valuable then the ranking will increase for your website.

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