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What is Google Crawler & How Indexing works?

Google crawler gathers information by scanning the web pages and organize by indexing. So the search engine can easily show the web pages against the queries. Let’s see in brief about what is Google crawler and how indexing works.

Google Crawler

The Google Crawler are programs that scan the web pages by following the links. The Google crawler also called Googlebot, spider, and robot. The Googlebot has two types of crawlers: Desktop crawler and mobile crawler. In the name itself, you can understand the purpose of theĀ  Googlebot crawler.

Robot.txt is a file that informs crawlers what file wants to scan and it requests the crawler type. Don’t use robot.txt file hide the unwanted images and files from crawlers.

google crawler

The crawler scans each and every web page posted on the world wide web. It can also read text/URL behind the videos, images, and files. Using the sitemaps the spiders follow the link and crawl them. Because sitemaps give the structure of your web site. The crawling process repeatedly scans the web pages in a particular order. The web crawler can read any data on the web.

Use Google Search console (SEO tool) to know your web pages are crawled. Using this tool you can submit your sitemaps and monitor them.

How Indexing works?

As a result of the crawlers, the web pages are stored and indexed. The indexed web pages ready to show in the result page based on queries.

Google analyzes the data, videos, and images in your website and store as an index in the database. Keep the web pages updated, because it is useful in indexing.

For example, consider a book index. It contains all the topic names and page number on the first page itself. By using the name and page number you can directly go to the required page.

Likewise, indexing also used in search engines. Once the user submits the query the search engine search in the index table and shows it in the SERP. Using SEO factors you will optimize your web page that also improve ranking for your web page.

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