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How can SEO Boost your eCommerce Business?

E-commerce is a highly versatile industry and its traffic is growing immensely. The number of sites are constantly increasing so you must work around your marketing strategies to get the much-needed traffic. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has become indispensable to provide a valuable user experience to visitors thereby increasing your traffic. Right SEO will lead to better conversions. Research has proved that nearly 93% of all online activities begin with searching for something specific. It is here the importance of the right keyword factors in. The absence of a sound SEO strategy can be lethal to your goals and concern and is the primary reason why most businesses have sliced out a sizeable portion of their marketing strategy to SEO to drive the right traffic.

Let’s have a look at the significance of SEO for your Business

SEO generates the right traffic

Any online concern which does not focus on SEO but seeks to drive traffic is already set for a long bumpy ride with no clear end in sight. In other words, for every concern, the central aim is to drive the right traffic which is here to stay and finally get converted to sales. This is important as only relevant visitors will come back and be at greater odds to ultimately become paid customers. Thus, an apt SEO strategy can lead to a sizeable increase in traffic which will ultimately make more conversions or returning customers. SEO has proven to be a better strategy when compared to other marketing tools, leasing or even Pay-Per-Click model.

The online behaviour of people has greatly evolved based on the speed of technological advancement which has happened over the years. Much of the decision-making happens while online is based on the keywords and ultimate hits which figure in on the top pages. The page rank also has a great effect on the decision-making of customers. It is quite possible that the absence of SEO can potentially make your website completely invisible on the web. In fact, it is not the front page but the top rank which will ultimately matter. Studies have shown that sites which ranked Number 1 bagged a click-through rate of 36.4 percent compared to 12.5 percent of the one which had the number 2 rank. Also, the number of impressions which emanate from the number one position is twice as much as the second position. This clearly means that a robust SEO strategy can bag you the right number of impressions, clicks which ultimately leads to sales.

SEO leads to lasting results

The companies which have made big have allocated a good amount of their resources to specific aspects which are essential for growth. This is important as other expenses on not so important items of business are significantly brought down. Thus, if your business principles involve situational analysis, tracking of competitors in terms of their marketing efforts you can weave a great marketing strategy with the help of SEO. Latter will be both cost-effective and lasting. It can be said that SEO will never expire, unlike the other paid advertisements where the traffic stops immediately after the campaign is stopped. SEO not only builds itself but also becomes stronger over time. This basically means that the work once done using SEO remains even after the strategy is stopped for any reason. The effectiveness of its results stays and keep producing output.

SEO is a great bottom-line technique

Almost all niches are becoming highly competitive and to stay on top has become a great challenge. The competitive segments also make the paid advertising campaigns completely unsustainable for start-ups beyond a level. Thus, you need to think of strategies which not only help you balance the competition but also are sustainable.

The good news is that E-commerce sales are expected to double in the next 3 years but that will also mean more competition and more streamlined sales strategies which will keep you stand out from the crowds. The basic idea is to rank high on Google than your competitors. In many cases, it will also mean to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the big fish in the sea.

Thus, SEO can help reduce your dependence on the paid side of adverts and give you more relevant traffic at no direct cost. It does not, however, mean that all companies are avoiding all the traditional channels. Studies have proven that most e-commerce platforms spend around 12 per cent of their revenue on digital campaigns for advertising. The latter may include ad targeting, fliers etc. on which exorbitant amounts are spent. Although these are considered smart moves, these cannot match the reach and results which are generated by a powerful search engine optimisation strategy. E.g. a heavy investment in the online ad campaign to promote a product can only end with a good boost but only in general traffic and that also for the duration of the ad spend. Also, when the latter ceases there is observed a significant drop in the results. This is because the ad campaigns have the potential to create a significant interest of audience, but it does not give any improvements in SEO. On the contrary, an SEO can lower these overhead expenses and give better results.


SEO today is the basic requirement for all the businesses. The change in internet behaviour of many users suggests that majority of users do not actually move past the first page of the results of search engines, it thus becomes even more important for websites to bag the top ranks in their niches. The absence of SEO makes it virtually impossible to gain visibility. Google has changed the way it ranks websites. It has shifted its preferences to sites which are more mobile-friendlier and rank high on search engines.  SEO thus increases the overall E-commerce experience. It helps to create meaningful, lasting and cost-effective results which stay on. SEO will help you get traffic which can get converted into sales.

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