how to charge android phone faster

How to charge the Android Phone faster?

You cant see the people without the Android device nowadays, all the users who are using the Android device have the common issue of frequent battery discharge. Here are some cool tips for you to boost your Android phone’s battery and speed up the charging process.

How to charge the Android Phone faster?

charge android phone fasterFrequent charging of the mobile device is the frustrating thing that you face when the charge dries due to the over usage of the device, In this case, you need your device to be charged back fully with the quick time. Here are some tips for you.

Enable the Airplane Mode:

Mostly the reason why the charging becomes slow is the fact that the network signal consumes most of the power. When you try to charge your device where the network is very poor, Then even it takes more time to charge your device. Hence put your phone in the Airplane mode while charging, this will speed up your charging time.

Use a wall power socket:

charge android phoneMany people try to charge their phone by using the USB through laptops and the PC. When you try this method you will face the poor charging speed. If you need your device to charge in a quick time, make sure you use the power socket in the walls. This is the best way to charge your Android device at the quick time.

Turn your Phone Off:

charging takes more time since multiple apps are running at the backend. To speed up your charging time, switch off your phone while you put in charge. You can able to see that Android device gets fully charged within the time you actually expect.

Have a power bank:

It always better to have a power bank to maintain decent battery on your Android device. Especially if you are traveling to any new place, you will not have any source to charge your Android device. In those cases, you can carry the power bank with you to charge the Android device.

These are some of the cool tips which you can follow to speed up the charging of your Android devices.

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