increase android phone performance

5 smart ways to increase the performance of the Android phone

Smart ways to increase the performance of the Android phone

Nowadays its very rare to see the people without an Android phone. Here are some smart tips for you to improve the performance of the Android phone.

  • keep the device updated
  • Use the high-speed memory card
  • Always have some free space in the device
  • Remove unwanted apps
  • Avoid live wallpapers

Keep the device updated:

Use the old version of the Android will degrade the device performance. Frequently check for the updates and make sure that you are using the current version of every app that you have on your phone. Based on the brand that you are using, you may receive the Android core updates. Install the core updates as soon as they are rolled out by the brand and use the latest version.

increase the performance of android phone

Use the high-speed memory card:

You may use the memory cards to expand the device storage. Use the high-speed memory cards for the better performance of the device. Its always better to use the memory cards from class 6 to class 10. You can experience the best performance of the device when you use the class 10 memory card.

Free-up the space in the device:

Don’t keep the storage of the device to be full, always have some free space on the Android Phone. The apps which are running currently may use the free space at the times. Having less or no free space on the device will not allow the currently running apps to perform well. Hence always have some free space in the device to make the Android device perform better.

Remove Unwanted Apps:

You may download many Android Applications temporarily based on the need. Hence after the usage of the app is over, you can uninstall the application. Only have the applications which you are using and remove the unwanted applications from the Android device. This will free up the memory of the device and make the Android phone to perform well.

increase performance of andorid device

Avoid Live Wallpapers:

Live wallpapers may make the device to look beautiful, but it will result in poor battery standby time. That is using the live wallpapers will make some background applications to run simultaneously, this will result in the poor performance and also reduced battery standby time.

Thus these are some of the smart tips by using which you can improve the performance of the Android phone.


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