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5 Security Apps for your Android Phone

Security Apps for your Android Phone:

Security being the main concern nowadays, Here are the must-have security apps for your android phone. These apps will help you to protect your phone from the malware and the other attacks.

  • Find My Device By GoogleFind my device by Google is the free app which helps you to find the location of your device. As the name suggests, it tracks the location of your phone. This app will also play sounds to find the device easier. By using this app, you can remotely lock your Android device.

    security apps for your android

  • Haven:This is the next generation security app to your Android device. It lets you turn the second device into a security device. For instance, If you leave your phone in your luggage or some other place, then if someone disturbs your phone or luggage, then you will be alerted. This even records the sound through the microphone. This app is free and still in beta condition.
  • Glass Wire:Glass wire is an open source app which helps you find the apps which are consuming more data. This app shows the live graph showing the apps and the data consumed by them. By using this app you can reduce the data usage by disabling some apps. This app helps you to reduce the data usage by disabling the unwanted app.
  • Last Pass:In your Android device, you will be having many accounts and the login details, Its always a complex task to remember all the login information. Here is the free app for you to remember all the login information on behalf of you. This app is protected by the master password and will keep in track of all the login information. This app is available both in the free and the pro versions.

    android security apps

  • Kaspersky Antivirus:Kaspersky is one of the remarkable security apps for your Android device. It performs well on picking up the malware and removing from your device. Kaspersky is available both in free and premium versions, it’s features includes real-time protection, anti-theft, anti-phishing, and app locker as well.

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