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Top 5 Google Apps for your Android Device

Android phones are used by literally all the people around the world. Keeping the increase in the usage of the Android device in the mind, Google has launched many applications to help the users complete their tasks easily.

Here let’s see the top five Google Apps for android device.

G Mail:

The E-Mail application by Google is G Mail, this by default comes with all the Android devices. As most of the people have Gmail accounts, this application is most likely to be used by all the users. This is greatly helpful to the users to easily access and send/receive the emails.

top 5 google apps

Google Drive:

This is the online storage application offered by Google to its Gmail users. By default, each user gets 15GB of free storage from Google to store their photos, files, etc in Google Drive. Now Google has planned to introduce a new cloud storage plan called Google One at the cheap pricing.

Google Hangouts:

Chat applications are nowadays more familiar to the users, There are many applications like Whatsapp, Snapchat which are familiar among users. Hangouts is the chat application which is introduced by Google to help the users connect with each other by using the Gmail Ids.

Google Duo:

This is the recently launched application by Google which is dedicatedly for the video calling. By using this application you can have go for high-quality video calling with your friends. Google Duo is the free application which helps the users to make a video call with their best ones.

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Google Tez:

As the online transactions are increasing in the recent days, Google has announced an application called Tez which makes the online transactions easier. By linking your bank account with this application, you can transfer the money to the anyone with a single click.

Thus these are the top five Android applications of Google which is most used by the users.

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