Whatsapp Restricts Forward Messages To Five Chats

Whatsapp is the messenger application which is used by billions of people around the world. As the usage of the application is increased over the time, it is important to make sure that the safety, security and the privacy of the users are withheld properly.

But moving one step forward, Whatsapp is more keen on the users and the information being transferred to the users by the other users. To avoid the users who are spamming the network by spreading the fake news, WhatsApp has introduced a new update recently.

Whatsapp Restricts Forward Messages:

whatsapp update

To ensure that only the right and the legit information is shared via Whatsapp. A new update was introduced recently on August 2018.

According to this new update, users will not be able to forward the messages to not more than five people at a time. This will restrict the spammers from sharing the fake news or the useless news to more people on a single click.

Also, another previous update by Whatsapp will help the users who are receiving the messages to come to know whether the message is unique for them or a forwarded one. That is the forward messages are notified to the users who are receiving with a “Forwarded” text above the message.

Indian Government To Whatsapp:

Recently the Indian Government has questioned the Whatsapp about the many fake news being spread by using its messenger platform. In India, more users are forwarding the videos and images when comparing to the other countries.

Hence to avoid the spammers and to reduce the fake content being shared with many users. Whatsapp has rolled out this update to restrict the number of forwards being made at the same time.

whatsapp restricts

Advantages of Forward Restrict Update by Whatsapp:

The main advantage of this update is that the users will not send more than five forwards instantly. This will restrict the fake news being shared by the users.

Due to this update, the users who are keen on sharing the real news alone will send the forwards to the other users and the spammers will stay away. Coming to the conclusion, it’s a good update by Whatsapp to keep the spammers away.

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