Facebook marketing and set up

What is Facebook Marketing and How to Set Up?

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook is a place to spend some time for entertainment and knowledge around the world for most of the people. In recent times, Facebook is evolved as a platform for business people to show brand recognition and sell their products. Techies call this Facebook Marketing. Facebook for business is still in developing phase but made its impact more than expected.

Facebook Marketing is consistently showing up the ads in your feed, whenever you are on facebook. In a leisure time, people will scroll through the feed posts, at that time when you show up something which they were looking for? Surely they will buy it with no second thought. Because they are free enough to take a go over the ad which you’re trying to showcase them.

How are people targeted?

Let’s get into an instance, you’re looking for a product/service in a search engine say Google, you will visit the websites which are having catchy meta description and title that satisfy you to get into it. What web designers/developers do is, they will insert a piece of code to track your id, which will be a trump card for them to follow you wherever you go online. The piece of code follows wherever you navigate in the website. While going through the remarketing process, the facebook pundits will make use of the data generated through the piece of code from the website. The code can be implemented on a particular page or whole website, based on the motive of the product to sell or a service to be provided in future.

Facebook Marketing For Business

Why You Need Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is something that every business has to explore with experts in the market. The businesses are wide, where every business person will be into different sectors. Facebook Marketing Experts had gone through multiple industries that they had explored so far. As a team, one can work together on the potential audience to gain some traffic and leads for your business through Facebook Marketing.

How To Setup A Facebook Marketing Campaign?

  • Campaign Setup:
    • Set a Campaign name
    • Campaign Details with Objective and Buying type
    • Awareness
      • Brand Awareness
      • Reach
    • Consideration
      • Traffic
      • Engagement
      • App Installs
      • Video Views
      • Lead Generation
      • Messages
    • Conversion
      • Conversions
      • Catalogue Sales
      • Store Visits
How to Set Up Facebook Marketing For Business
  • Adset Setup:
    • Start with Ad Set Name
    • Multiple Ad Set can be created under a single campaign
    • Traffic for Website or App
    • Set Budget and Schedule
    • Location, Age, Gender, and Language
    • Setting up Custom and Lookalike Audience
    • Ad Placements
    • Optimisation and Delivery which includes bid strategy and optimization for delivery.
  • Ad Setup:
    • Start with Ad Name
    • Multiple Ad can be created under a single Ad Set.
    • Select a particular Facebook and Instagram page.
    • Set up an ad with image or video based on your motive and reach.
    • Describe the USP of your product/service/blog/any other in the ad perfectly.
    • Provide a Catchy headline.
    • In case of lead generation campaign, try to get the required details from the audience to proper lead form creation.

These are very basic steps which you must be following to set up Facebook marketing campaigns and set a good example of running a proper ad for your business. You must tweak your ad based on the performance of your initial ad and enhance the performance of the future ads. All the insights you gather from one Ad will be helpful for you in the next ad at any motive. To be simple, be clear with your requirement, audience, outcome, and insights through that Facebook marketing ad.

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