What is Instagram? How Instagram Works and its Tutorial?

How Instagram Works – Simplest Way Of Understanding [Tutorial]

Instagram is the emerging social media platform in recent times which gives tough to other social media market as the new user sign up is getting increased day by day. Instagram is not a Bermuda Triangle with respect to understanding. One can easily understand how Instagram works with regular usage. Still, there are features which are yet to be explored by many Instagram users. Let’s see what are the things you can do with Instagram in a way it works.

How Instagram Actually Works and What Can You With It?

  • Seven Basic Features in Instagram:

    • Home
    • Explore
    • Upload Media
    • Notification
    • Profile
    • Stories
    • Message
  • Home:

    • Home – The first interface which you will face once you log in to Instagram. If you’re a new user, you can use sign up in two ways.
      • One through facebook sign up
      • Second through your mail id or mobile number.
      • Once sign up is done, set a unique name for you in Instagram, which will be shown as your profile name everywhere.
    • The home interface will show the feeds of the people you are following. To find your friends connect your Facebook with Instagram, so the algorithm understands it and shows your friends and friends of friends who use Instagram.
      Home - How Instagram Works
    • If they set up as a private account, you have give request where they have to accept you to follow them, else, you can follow them directly.
    • The homepage timeline will be filled up with the feeds of all the friends you follow.
    • In addition to that, you may also see some sponsored posts as well, which are said to be Ads.
  • Explore:

    • The Feature itslef what it will show what it is all about. Here, you can see the most trending videos or photos which are related to your behavior and geo-location while using Instagram.
      Explore - How Instagram Works
    • In addition to this, there will be a search bar at the top that gives you 4 ways.
      • Top Suggested
      • Search for people
      • Search for HashTags
      • And Search for Places
  • Upload Media:

    • Here is where you will upload your video/photo.
      • If it is a video file, then it must be below 1 minute.
      • If it is an image file in a square shape, then you upload directly, or else you have to crop it accordingly.
    • The process of posting a file starts with filters and inbuilt editing tools. Once it’s edited, you can add the description with popular hashtags to reach more than your followers.
      File Upload - How Instagram Works
    • Instagram gives the liberty to share across platforms under one roof. Once you integrate platforms like facebook/twitter, you can share it all platforms in a single click. In addition, you can tag your friends in the photo, if it is a video you only can mention them in the description with profile name followed by @ symbol. Add location if you like to do.
    • Once you upload the photo or video, it will be stored in your gallery as a separate folder.
  • Notification:

    • It’s as simple as it can be.
    • You will receive the notifications for likes, comments, follow, follow request(if it is a private account), tags and mentions.Notification - How Instagram Works
    • Swipe it to right, you will see the lists where people you follow’s recently liked 8 photos/video will be shown to you.
  • Profile:

    • Profile is the area where you set up for yourself to show others, this is you in this way.
    • It will show the number of posts, followers, and following of you.
    • Using edit profile option,  you can set primary name, username, website if any, bio as description space, email address, mobile number, and gender. Here, the email address, mobile number, and gender will not be shown in the front interface.
    • Below bio, you can add your story highlights to show it up permanently for your followers.
    • Apart from grid and timeline view, you can see other options where it shows the photos or video you’re tagged or mentioned. The last one is “save option” to bookmark your favorite collection.Profile - How Instagram Works
    • On top of all, you can handle five different accounts in one app with drop down icon on left top corner. The right top corner has three dot option button, where you can basic settings, which include other social media integration, account settings, switching to a business account(based on category), privacy, security, notification, about Instagram and logins. You can find archive files(deleted/expired) option as well on top of your profile.
    • Under Accounts, you can find an option for turn on your account as a public to a private account, where no other person than your followers can see your Instagram uploads.
  • Stories:

    • Story is one of the best feature ever added to Instagram. It was not actually in the initial stages of Instagram. When it is introduced later, it got a hit and got as viral as it can today.
    • Story will come under home section at the top, where you can find a plus to upload a story or swipe right to do the same.
    • At first, Instagram stories can only be uploaded a portrait format but soon after understanding the requirements of users. They provide an option to shrink or blow up the media file at any size within the frame.
    • The span of a story being live is just 24 hours, if you want to be permanent, then you can click on the highlight option after you upload a story. So, you can find your story permanent in your profile as a highlights under bio.
  • Message:

    • At the early stage of Instagram, it’s called DM(Direct Message), which was not at all used by most of the Instagram user itslef. Where it was not known to most of the user and some doesn’t like as it hasn’t been engaging and friendly to use.Message - How Instagram Works
    • Over times, it has become a mainstream chatterbox for most of the social media users itself.
    • It’s opposite to story upload second option. You have to swipe left to message interface or you will find an arrow-like symbol at the right top corner on home interface.

Above all, you can use all these features in a better way only in the mobile application when compared to desktop. Unlike other social media platforms, users still stick on to the mobile app instead of the desktop interface. Where others have their own user traffic across devices.

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