Most popular social media platforms to share content in 2019

Most Popular Social Media Platforms To Share Content in 2019

Do you have your own business? Then unlike the traditional methods of advertising, it is better to gain information on the most popular social media platforms to share content in 2019. Content can cover an entire lot of information, ranging from writing the perfect words for banners, hoardings or posting on websites to get backlinks. By reading this article, you will know the best way to advertise your company products on social media, make engagement with the right audience, and convert leads to revenue.

Social Media Platforms

Yes, there are the most popular social media platforms to share content in 2019, but can you work on all of them? The reason, it is not only the reach that the specific platform commands but the result. So, first identify if the platform is the perfect fit for your business. Do you think it can give your company product more visibility? Is your target audience making use of only some social media platforms? There are the points you need to know before making the plan for marketing campaigns.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms To Share Content in 2019

  1. Facebook

facebookThere was a time when every other news platform announced that Facebook is dead. But the way, the team reinvented themselves with ad campaigns. At present, there are more than two billion people who use Facebook every month. More than 60 million businesses use Facebook pages for promoting their businesses. The main reason, why Facebook may be regarded as the number one platform on social media is its adaptability to every content. So, images, videos, text, and even normal stories work best on Facebook.

Also, with Facebook Messenger, you can strike conversations, interactions between friends and others. Yes, the Facebook mobile app has made the platform more popular among the general public.

  1. YouTube

YoutubeIf you ask anyone to name the best video sharing platform, then it will be YouTube. If you want more brand visibility for your product, then creating a Youtube channel is the best option. If the content is good, then the general public or target audience can like, comment or share. Some may become loyal subscribers of your channel, thus improving the visibility of your product and company.


  1. WhatsApp

whatsappWe need not tell you about the importance of WhatsApp. This was first introduced as a Messaging App, for communication with friends and family. But now, it is used even for businesses.

Now, WhatsApp is moving to the next level, where it can allow a business entrepreneur to have a business profile, customer care and many more. Will you believe that this platform has the WhatsApp Business App for small businesses? If you have a large business, then make use of the WhatsApp Business API.

  1. Instagram

InstagramInstagram, is the favorite of college students and digital marketers. You can share photos, stories, videos on this platform. If you have a business, it is easy to have an Instagram business profile. And the advantage, you can schedule the posts by making use of third-party tools.


  1. Tumblr

Tumblr became popular as a social networking site where you can share links, text, audios, and videos for your small business. You can share any photos right from cat photos to fashion trend items.


  1. Twitter

twitterWant to know the importance of Twitter? If Indian PM, Mr. Narendra Modi puts a tweet on recent politics and elections, then it can become a hot topic of discussion for at least three days. This platform focuses on authentic information. Unlike other platforms, you can post only certain characters in a single tweet. It is not the same with other platforms.

  1. Reddit

redditReddit is the platform where you can submit questions about your business segment, images, and links. You can either vote for the articles (up). Do not agree with the content of articles? Then vote them down.

Regarding subreddits, you can call them dedicated forums for anything under the sun. You can find various levels of engagement with subreddits. But Reddit cannot be called as one of the most popular social media platforms as not many businesses are active in it.

  1. LinkedIn

linkedinMany people, look at LinkedIn as just a resume and job search website. Now it has evolved into a popular social media website where you can publish content, share profiles, and even promote your brand. You can find many profiles of professionals in large market corporations.


  1. Snapchat

snapchatPopularly known as a social media app, it was the first to initiate Stories Format. Then Instagram followed the same idea and became more popular than SnapChat.



  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the place where you can discover new concepts and ideas if you are a creative person. This platform focuses on engagement, and if you have a good creative team to design good banners or designs with amazing visuals, your product can reach the highest level.


  1. Medium

There are many persons who want to publish their content but do not have a website. Medium gives them a platform to publish their ideas, photos, and designs as content. If you have a business and an online presence, you will first publish an article on your blog. Then write a similar article in Medium regarding your product and give the blog article link. You can expand your audience level by this method. Medium, you can count as one of the most popular social media platforms to share content in 2019.


Have you read the article on popular social media platforms to share content in 2019? Also, please do not forget to gain information about platforms that are preferred by your target audience. Let us imagine a situation. You are a computer repair expert in Bangalore. Now, how to expand your reach? You team up with the best home maintenance company which provides doorstep repair services in Bangalore for home appliances and electronic gadgets. In addition, you also publish banners/articles regarding your company in various social media platforms mentioned in this article. The growth of your company will be firm, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes one of the reputed repair firms regarding computers in the market.

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