top 5 social media apps in india

Top 5 Social Media Apps Used By Indian Users

Top 5 Social Media Apps Used By Indian Users:

You can find the people without using any of the social media application, Android users in India are spending most of the day by surfing through the social media applications. Here let’s see the top five social media applications used in India.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit

top 5 social media appsFacebook:

It’s rare to find the mobile phones without the Facebook Application. Due to the increased use of the Facebook in India, many business people started Facebook Advertising to get more conversions to their business. In a day, people spend most of their time on Facebook. Even if you need to know the about instant news or the hot topics, you can go to Facebook instead of the tuning into the news channels.


This is also used by many people in India. Public personalities and the business freaks use the twitter to convey their message. Twitter is purely based on the hashtags. The Twitter application keeps updating frequently to provide users with the trending topics. You can see the trending hashtags locally and globally by using the Twitter application.


Instagram is the most used Social Media application among the youngsters. In the past, Instagram was not familiar, but in the recent days, it has reached its own height by having more daily active users. When it comes to the privacy, Instagram offers more privacy and security to the users than the Facebook. Even business people use this application for brand promotion and reach.

top 5 social media apps indiaLinkedin:

Linkedin is the professional platform used mostly by the business people and the job seekers. Linkedin is available in both the free and the premium versions. People who are searching for jobs can build the profile on the Linkedin. Also, business people use the Linkedin platform to hire freelancers or people for the full time.


Many people will not be heard about this word Reddit. But to the surprise, it remains as the social media platform which is quite used by many people around the world and in India. Many regular users are there for the reddit application all around the world.

Thus India being a growing nation, users tend to use these social media application more in their day to day life. Business people can use this information and plan where to promote their brand to get more reach.

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