Google One Inaugurates With Cheap Cloud Storage Plans

What is Google One?

Google One is the storage plan going to be soon launched by Google which helps the users to expand their storage which also includes some extra benefits.

Google One can be managed by using the Google One mobile application. Using the Google One you can manage the Google Drive, Gmail, Original Photos and the videos in the Drive.

Google One offers Cheap Storage Plans:

google one

Initially, Google has planned to offer the Google One only on the limited basis. If you are using the paid version of the Google Drive, then you will be automatically upgraded to the Google One in the upcoming months.

Google One Plan Categories:

Google being a big corporate giant, it offers its valuable users with the best offers. Below are the some of the best plans of Google One.

  • Get 100 GB for $1.99
  • Get 200 GB for $2.99
  • Pricing for the plans greater the 2TB will remain the same

The main advantage for the users is that the existing 1TB drive plans will be upgraded to 2TB without charging any extra cost.  Google One team is still working on this to make this offer widely available to all the users at the earliest.

google storage

Since Google offers the storage for the cheap price, it remains as the drawback for the other storage providers like Microsoft One Drive. More users are expected to migrate their storage from the other service providers to the Google One when this offer is fully available for all.

Whatever Google introduces as a new brand, it will have huge reach among the users and will set a new benchmark in its own domain. In this line, Google One cloud storage is expected to create a huge benchmark in the IT Sector. Google One is a bonus for all the existing paid users of Google Drive.


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