google tracks the users

Google Accepts that it tracks user location even when GPS is OFF

Usually, many Android/IOS applications will ask for access to the device location while installation. But when you disable the location access, then it will not be accessed by the applications. But to the surprise, Google has recently accepted that it accesses the user’s device location even when the GPS is turned OFF.

Google has accepted that in the recent days, it has accessed the user’s device location without the permission of the users. That is even if they turn off the device location or GPS, their location can be accessed via cell phone towers, said Google.

google tracks users when gps is off

Google has accessed the device location of the users mainly to enhance the push notifications and messages on the Android device. Google also stated that it has going to access the location of the devices till the November of 2018, which cant be controlled by any of the users.

This has raised the big questions among the users about the Privacy. Usually, some people will not like their location being tracked by some private corporate organizations like Google. However, it can’t be turned off or disabled by the user manually. Still, it stands as a big query to the privacy of the consumers.

However, not only by the Google but also the location of the device is accessed by other applications with the permission of the users. The location of the device is used mainly to deliver the users with the accurate weather report, local news, other local information, etc.

google tracks users

Google also stated that it doesn’t store the user’s location data anywhere, it just used to deliver the information for the users in a better way. Also, it has added that it won’t access the location data after the month of November 2018, after updating their messaging system. Anyway, let’s keep the fingers crossed and wait for the update in the November.

Though Google Compromises the users with the best service in the industry, it’s always a privacy factor of an individual to access their location without their permission.

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