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Google’s new tool helps the Parents to turn off their teenager’s smartphone remotely

Nowadays smartphones are everywhere, Even school kids are more addicted to the smartphones. Google most recently released a tool which helps the parents to turn off their children’s/Teenagers smartphone remotely. This tool helps the parents to keep their children in control.

google family link app

Parents can have the full control over their child’s phone via the “Google Family Link App“. This apps helps the parents in controlling the children from accessing irrelevant apps and many more.

Features of Google Family Link App:

  • By using the Google Family Link app you can monitor your child’s activity on the Internet
  • You can manage the applications what they are using and  also can restrict them from certain apps
  • Since its hard to find the apps which suit your child, Google Family link itself recommends some applications which are useful to your kids and can be directly added to the device as app by google
  • You can also monitor the screen time (duration of the phone usage). It’s up to you to decide the right time to use the smartphones for your kids.
  • Whenever you feel your child is using the phone excessively, you can lock the device immediately.
  • The last most important thing about the Google Family Link app is that you can track the location of your child as long as they carry the phone with them.

Thus these are the some of the main features of the Google Family App Link. By using this app, as a parent, you can have the full control over the child’s smartphone.

Its the responsibility of us to control the activities of our kids over the internet and help them to lead a healthy digital life.

control the teenagers smartphone activity

Smartphones can help the kids to learn many things online and explore more skills. But at the same time as a parents, we should keep them away from the irrelevant contents on the web. By using the Google Family Link App you can control the child’s activities and make them to use the smartphone in a fruitful way.

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