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Why Load Testing needs an Accurate Strategy?

Load testing is an integral part of a customer’s experience of a website. Nd, organizations are slowly gearing up for the same because there is no other choice of action if they have to draw the attention of the customers.

Mobile Applications are being built on the basis of demographics, future outlook, location, revenue model, usage pattern, and much more that might seem technically logical at the moment. Applications are information-intensive due to the volumes of transaction that are made every day. Load testing, basically, drives the attention to any issues that hinder the application’s performance. The application under test is being assessed for its behavior under any unexpected/expected load. In other words, the end-user response times are reported, which decide how the website is performing in a live environment.

The process of load testing is to put excessive pressure on software system or the machine to check how it behaves under stress.

Strategy for load testing

A strategy for load testing is extremely important, especially because you would not want to put excessive pressure on the system. Having said that, it is also important to analyze the application’s performance as against the user’s expectations.

A tangible outcome for effective testing is what is the call for the day, which can be achieved:

By aligning application goals with user experience

Performance is generally determined by the experience that users are expecting  and the kind of responsiveness that the application has developed. For instance, while testing an ecommerce website, it has to be ensured that the website is tested across various portals, with different configurations and varying traffic loads. In fact, it is important to build comprehensive testing plan, which would include testing all the features of the site.

By building realistic testing plans

It is important to execute tests with a strategy and not just execute tests for the sake of it. A realistic test plan is important to enable seamless testing activity and build a near-to-real environment for testing the software application. It is important to build the test plan as per the testing requirement:

  • It needs to be decided whether real devices or emulators should be used
  • Whether the traffic has to be extrapolated
  • Whether the application is built for the mobile or only for the desktops or for all

Ensuring that speed is at par with performance

It is important to understand that speed of loading is as important as the performance of the website. In other words, the software’s performance is determined by the speed in which it responds. This means that only measuring the load is not sufficient and that a fundamental check is also important. Speed is fundamental to create a loyal user base and ensure that they come back to your experience and service. This helps in bringing clarity t the Load Testing Plan.

Especially in gaming applications, speed is the key where there is no waiting time.  It is important to ensure that the users get quick access to the application and should not have to wait for it to load.

Keep an eye on blockheads

After the application is framed, one needs to have a thorough understanding of the user behaviour. It is also important to estimate the performance of the application from the user’s perspective. In other words, the load testing strategy has to connect with the performance bottlenecks that might occur with the code that might create disruptions. For instance, banking applications generate hundreds of requests everyday from various users, which means it has to process millions of data. This needs tremendous processing power and generation of database requests from the application.The testing, thus, needs to be all encompassing, considering the hiccups that might occur.

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