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Realme 2 leaked ahead of official announcement from Brand

Realme 2 leaked ahead of official announcement

Realme is a Chinese based smartphone brand which is launched way back in the year 2010 named as “OPPO Real”. Only in the year 2018, it came to the Indian market for the sale.

After the release of the Realme 1, the brand has planned to lineup another model in the Indian market. Well, it was Realme 2. Even before the official launch of the product, the pictures on the Realme 2 were leaked on the company website.

The image that is leaked on the website only showed the partial information about the look of the phone. This is just to create a trend among the people and the information about the phone was not fully released yet. Also, the image doesn’t lead to any specific webpage containing the description about the device.

What can we infer about Realme 2 from the Image?

From the image that is being leaked at the company website, we can infer some features about the phone. Below are few,

  • The display looks like more “bezel-less” design
  • The camera on the back is with the dual sensor sysem
  • Realme 2 also has the fingerprint sensor on the back
  • It has geometric pattern under the glass back
  • Also, the phone in the images is in two colors, black & blue

Thus from these small insights, we can come to the point that some features which are lagging in Realme 1 are rectified here.

realme 2 leaked

It looks like Realme 2 is going to be similar to Oppo phones. Realme 2 is expected to be priced under 20,ooo INR. That is less than 285$. This pricing is just an estimate and we didn’t get any confirmation about the pricing and the release date. Any way we can expect the Realme 2 to make some noise in the Indian Market. Let’s keep the fingers crossed and wait for the official launch of Realme 2 in India.



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