Australian Teen Stolen Apple Server Data

Australian Teen Stolen Apple Server’s Private Data

The teens are getting smarter nowadays with technologies, which are not recognized at times. They feel their talent towards technology has taken for granted by the society. Similarly, there are some teens who want to prove to the world what they are capable of. In such a way, A Melbourne, Australian teen accessed the secured files from Apple Server. The data seem to be a volume of around 90 gigabytes. Soon after finding the victim, the Australian government has taken legal charges on that guy.

On investigation, he says that “he accessed the secured files because of the passion towards the Apple Company”. He further adds that “he has a dream of working there in Apple”. Yet, the Apple Geeks couldn’t find which part of their network infrastructure was originally accessed.

Apple server data stolen

It was all started when there happened a raid in teen’s parents home. Here, the Australian teen found guilty, when they found those 90 gigabytes of data in his computer during the raid. To be obviously noticed, that boy had named the folder so easily recognizable – The folder name is “hacky hack hack”. It easy to realize for those persons who wen for the raid and clearly shows something fishy had happened. The Australian police have also seized a mobile, two laptops, and hard drive. The suspect says he had used some third party software to do this cybercrime and the software name and how it works are not revealed.

Every Apple knows that this is not the first time happened in terms of Apple data security. This Melbourne hacker has accessed the iCloud accounts of Apple Data. In recent time, Turkish Crime Factory has admitted that they have stolen millions of iCloud details. We can’t assure, this will not happen anytime soon since there are possibilities of happening anytime now.


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