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Whatsapp Backup data will not count in Google Drive Storage

Whatsapp being used by many people around the world, Google drive provides its users with an option to back up their data including texts, images, videos that are shared in Whatsapp using the Google Drive.

In the past, Google has included the storage of the Whatsapp backup to the users Google Drive storage account. That is the amount of space that the is used for WhatsApp backup will be in the account in the Google Drive.

whatsapp dataWhatsapp Backup data will not count in Google Drive Storage:

From the recent news update from Whatsapp stated that more than 1.5 billion users of the Whatsapp application don’t need to worry about the storage space of their backups in the Google Drive.

Starting from the November 2018, Google will no longer take into account the amount of storage used for the Whatsapp backup in the Google Drive.

The reason behind this is that most of the messenger platforms around the world store the user’s data on their own servers. Same is going to be replicated by the Facebook Owned WhatsApp platform.

WhatsApp has warned their users that the backup which has not been updated for the past one year will be removed from the Google Drive after the November update.

Whatsapp Backup data will not count in Google DriveUsually storing the chat backups in the Google Drive will be very helpful for the users. If the user changes the device, then he/she can simply install the WhatsApp with the old backup from the Google Drive without losing any of the data.

But the recent news release about the backup exclusion from the Google Drive makes a confusion in the user’s mind to find a way to back up their data.

If the users don’t wish to lose their backups, then they can manually download the backups from the Google Drive before November 2018, said by Whatsapp.

Keep your fingers crossed and wait for the further updates in the upcoming days about the backup plans of WhatsApp.


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