google analytics and google search console

what is Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service or tool provided by Google to monitor and maintain your website traffic with the help of Google Analytics. It helps to find whether your website is crawled by Googlebot or not. It also helps to measure your web traffic and performance. Google search console is used to know how Google sees your websites.

First, you updated your  XML sitemaps and URL in Google Search Console. After that, the search console shows how the site is crawled and indexed. If any problem in indexing this tool fix the problem and request Google to re-index the site.

google search console

Google Search Console helps to find how many people are visiting your page and they visit either mobile or on desktop. And it will show which web page is more visited on your website.

Similarly, the reports generated by the Google Search console is useful for both beginners and experienced person to maintain their website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a free web analytics service provided by Google to analyze your website. GA analyzes the website by predicting user details who have visited your site. Therefore, It will gather the details in four ways.

  • User-level
  • Session level
  • Page view level
  • Event level

Based on this four-way all the information is sent to the server when the user visits your page or site.

User-level – At this level, all the actions were taken by the user throughout the session.

Session level – Here how many times the user visits your site will be stored

Page view level – Here each and every individual visit is counted.

Event level – Here it stores  how many times the visitor clicks images and videos,etc.,

Most of internet users prefer Google Analytics for analyzing their website traffic. Because it’s free, give customized reports, it will collect the data automatically.

Moreover, in Google Analytics you can collect two types of data

1.User Acquisition data

It involves building awareness and acquiring the interest of the user. Here it shows how the user gets into your website using Facebook or from other websites or via Google search.

2.User behavior data

After the user left from your page, it will collect the information like how much time the user will stay on the web page and what is the first and last page he/she visited and what way the user uses to go to other web pages.

In summary in Google Search console, we can optimize our website through performance, monitoring and web traffic using Google Analytics



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