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How to increase the WordPress website speed?

Usually, many websites will have the backend interface as the WordPress, the main reason behind this is that WordPress is easy for the newbies to make some changes in the websites. Especially it is best suited for the bloggers who don’t need to have more knowledge about coding to work with the websites. The other most important thing is that by using the WordPress¬†you can easily optimize the website for the SEO.

How to increase the WordPress website speed?

website speedCache Plugin:

Cache plugin will help you to improve the website speed. When enabling the cache plugin in your WordPress site, it will store all your website files locally on the user’s browser when they visit the website for the first time. When they visit the website again, the files are loaded from the cache in the user’s browser and not from the web server. There are many cache¬†plugins available like WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache, etc.

Content Delivery Network (CDN):

The content delivery network is the must for all the websites, It will store your website files and the data in the local geographically located servers. So, it will fetch the information for the users at the lightning speed from the server which is nearest to the user. There are several types of CDN available like JetPack, CloudFlare, etc.

increase site speedMinify Your CSS & JS Files:

You can check the website loading speed of your mobile by using the Google Loading Speed testing tool. Most of the websites will have the issue of uncompressed CSS and JS files. This will lead to the poor page loading speed in the mobile and the desktop devices. You can manually compress these files with the help of the web developer or you can use the plugin to compress it and improve the page speed.

Compress your media files:

Mostly, as a blogger, you will try to add more media files like images in the content. Try to optimize the images before adding to the content. That is, reduce the image size and add more meta information to the images. Reducing the image size will make your website to load faster.

Google considers page speed as one of the main ranking factors. Improve the website loading speed with the help of the above tips and rank well on SERPs.

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