User Experience UX and Performance Of Website

User Experience And Performance of A Website

The website design is becoming an easy task as there is great content management system with various themes. With these themes available in the market, you can purchase and customize them easily in a go. It happens to be a tough competition for settling a website with the best user experience and performance regardless of the devices. As everyone knows Google has been highly considering the performance of a website in mobile. It happens because of the smartphone use across the world. The statistics say 52% of traffic for websites comes from mobile devices all over the globe.

So, Let’s discuss this these two factors a major today.

Performance of a website:

  • The performance of a website highly depends on the loading time. When a user enters into the website, they want to read the content as early as possible. If it keeps on loading, it will not be a good sign at any cost.
  • Designers/Business owners are not considering mobile websites highly, as they built with the desktop as a base. It shouldn’t be the case, as we discussed the usage of the website through mobile platform is higher than the desktop/tablet.
  • Google says a website loads less the 4 seconds will be considered as a best-performing website. Making it much better when compared to competitors is always welcomed.

User Experience and Performance Of Website


User Experience of a Website:

  • Like every business, Google always put their customers front. They expect a website to deliver a better experience to the user.
  • It depends on the content, presentation, design, text/image/video formatting and much more.
  • A landing page must be highlighted with unique selling points as that makes an easy conversion for any business through the website.
  • Fill your website with a proper NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) at right places as highlighted.
  • A responsive website will assist in search engine optimization as well.
  • As Google has signaled page speed as a ranking factor for a website and releasing search algorithm update with respect to this at times that reflects positively on quality websites.


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