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Top 4 WordPress Plugins to speedup the Website

WordPress is the content management system(CMS) which is used by most of the bloggers and the website owners to publish and manage contents in their website. Here let’s see the best WordPress plugins to speed up the website.

  • WP Rocket:

    This is the best WordPress website cache plugin. The special features of the WP Rocket plugin are Page caching, cache preloading, static file compression, images on request and it is also a developer friendly plugin. By using this plugin you can speed up the website.

  • W3 Total Cache:

    W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular WordPress caching plugins used by the developers. This plugin has tons of options which makes the work of the developers easier. W3 Total Cache includes many features like page cache, object cache, gzip compression, limited minification support, CDN Support and more.

    wordpress plugin to boost site speed

  • WP Fastest Cache:

    WP Fastest Cache speeds-up your website, this creates the static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress website. Usually, when the user visits a web page, PHP & MySQL are rendered, when many users visit at the same time, the site becomes slow due to rendering. But when you use the WP Fastest cache the rendering is saved by loading the static HTML files.

  • WP Super Cache:

    The WP Super Cache works similar to the WP Fastest Cache. It creates the static HTML files of your dynamic web pages. When the user visits the web page, the static HTML pages are served instead of rendering the heavy files. This will, in turn, reduce the loading time of your webpage.

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Thus these are the best four WordPress cache plugins which you can use for the WordPress Websites to increase the site loading speed. This will also make the users to spend more time on your website. Also, Website speed is one of the main ranking signals of the Google, hence implementing the Cache will help you to improve the site speed and the ranks as well.

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